Sunday, 19 May 2013

Too many wrongs don't make it alright

I have one of those motivational Top Ten things stuck on my fridge.

I found it in a magazine a few years ago and it struck a chord with me.

At the time I was starting out on my Resolution 37 journey and beginning to mull over taking a career break.

So the idea of taking responsibility for where I was, thinking about what I wanted to be and working out what was stopping me were all good food for thought.

The fridge thingy also encouraged me to enjoy the process. Do something I always said I wouldn't, and chat to people I normally ignore.

Finally it advised me to learn to trust my judgement, take life less seriously but put more info it.

It also said to buy some new threads which I'm not sure I bothered with.

The funny thing is my wife Becky felt the need to add one more, perhaps the most important of them all:

11. Accept that you can sometimes be wrong and take it on the chin.

No-one likes being told what to do, let alone told they're wrong. My natural reaction is to fight my corner.

But maybe she's right.


Ok. She's right. There you go I said it. I was wrong. Just don't tell Becky alright?

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