Saturday, 25 May 2013

It's all in a name, my name

According to the National Trust this painting depicts a battle between three Dutch Ships (the Texel, Arnemusde and Domburch) and Chinese Junks. It is titled 'The Blockade of Amoy'.

It was recently reidentified as showing the destruction of Chinese junks at Amoy on 13 July 1633. This was because the flagship, on the right, is inscribed as the ‘Texel.’ However, the other two named ships, the ‘Domburch’ and the ‘Arnemude’ did not take part in this Pearl-Harbour-type attack on the unprepared Chinese fleet, which makes this interpretation doubtful.

Either way it is on show at Felbrigg Hall and Garden Estate in Norfolk.

Having never been down that way before this painting now gives me a very good, albeit random, reason to go. I want to find out more about this Dutch ship that shares my name.

Apparently Felbrigg Hall is one of the most elegant country houses in East Anglia.

It's own website goes on to say: 'it's truly a hidden gem, the Hall is a place of surprises and delights, a mixture of opulence and homeliness where each room has something to feed the imagination. Outside, the decorative and productive walled garden is a gardener's delight.'

Sounds good eh?

Who'd have thought that a vanity search for my own name a few weeks back would inspire a whole holiday?

Perhaps I've spotted a gap in the travel market.

Who wants to invest their first million in my new venture?  I'm going to call it Name Your Holiday. I'd better go grab the url quick.

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  1. I visited Felbrigg a couple of weeks ago. Lovely place, well worth visiting.