Friday, 3 May 2013

May the fourth be with you

I'm on a train. Nothing remarkable about that particularly. But I'm in reflective mood so beware.

In fact my mood is somewhat anxious. In part no doubt driven from the impending stag do that I'm not only attending but also have singlehandedly organised.

For those who know me you'll be painfully aware that planning ahead and organisational skills don't come easily. So I have the double whammy of worrying whether anyone is going to turn up tomorrow and a slight nervousness that accompanies any stag do. For instance will I crash and burn too soon. I have form.

These feelings are the natural consequence of having attended more than a handful of stag dos. In fact this is my third in the role of best man. I must confess in both previous instances my duties were somewhat shared and the direction during the events themselves somewhat haphazard. This time though we are very organised. Or at least I hope we are.

Go Ape tomorrow morning followed by a stretch limo ride to one of London's coolest neighborhoods Hoxton. And as if turning up to see the cool kids in a limo wasn't bad enough I've also taken it upon myself to create a suitably silly fancy dress outfit for my brother to wear. The picture gives you a feel for how he may look as he gracefully exits the limo. May the fourth be with you.

In the meantime here I am hurtling towards our capital city with what seems like a combination of students going home for the bank holiday weekend and the odd hen do. Either that or deely boppers are the latest trend and no-one told me.

So let's agree what success looks like shall we?

1. People turn up
2. No-one dies jumping off a tree
3. The pub food I've ordered for 20 gets eaten
4. The secret club night is everything I've imagined and more
5. My hangover isn't so fierce that I can't face travelling home

Not much to ask for.

See you on the other side.

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