Monday, 9 November 2015

Struggling for ideas, by M. T. Mind

Me and a few mates have this thing we do from time to time.

Basically you think of a fictitious title of a book by a made up author with a name to match.

It is puerile, childish humour, but it tickles me nonetheless.

For example, on show this morning:

The Perfect Pizza, by Pepe Roni

The Long Walk, by Anita Sitdown

Don't Give Up, by Percy Veer

The Sea Spy, by Perry Scope

And finally,

The Hidden Word, by Anna Gram.

Have a lovely day people. Be sure to smile and if possible laugh out loud.

It's good for the soul (by Mehdi Tation).

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  1. 101 Footballing Howlers by Miss Da Goal

  2. Modern Slang by Col O'Quilalism
    The Human Body by Ana Tomy
    A Guide to Lying by Ian Sincere

  3. From my nine year old, Greek Food by Peter Bread