Friday, 6 November 2015

Brilliant idea? Or shower of sh*te

What is it about showers and ideas?

Apparently warm water increases the flow of dopamine. So that helps I guess.

It's also relaxing.

And according to Lifehacker when we have a relaxed state of mind, we're more likely to turn attention inwards, and therefore more able to make insightful connections.

So there you go.

You may have guessed I had a shower moment this morning. And I'm desperate to share it with you.

Btw, did I ever tell you I'm the proud owner of Mediocre Ideas dot com?

It is a graveyard of things I've come up with over the years and not done anything with. Or at least it was meant to be.

I have this tendency to want to share my 'best' ideas before they are fully formed.

When I have them they feel like they're earth shatteringly good. Literally going to change the world.

My adrenaline then kicks in.

I can barely get out of the shower quick enough to type the text message, email, or What's App to whomever I think will be most interested in hearing it first.

Of course time after time what happens next is inevitable.

The idea starts to deteriorate.

Like an unstable atom my amazing idea has an extremely short half life*

Halving in impact by the day until eventually being worthy of appearing on aforementioned website.

Which ironically is a mediocre idea itself.

At the time of purchasing the domain for five years, yes five years, I thought I was onto a real winner.

It'll go viral. I'll make a killing.

But then it ran out of steam, or I did, and I simply moved on.

Now you could argue eventually one of my brilliant/mediocre ideas will coincide with a serendipitous moment in time and get a lucky break.

Either that or I'll meet someone who is really good at the next bit. Taking my rough diamond, and creating a gem.

Anyway, today's idea involves disrupting not one, but two industries. Plus a new range of toy products and...

Even as I write it I can feel my confidence waining a little.

Time will tell if today's shower was a moment of brilliance or another washout.

*via Wikipedia: Half-life (t1⁄2) is the amount of time required for the amount of something to fall to half its initial value. The term is very commonly used in nuclear physics to describe how quickly unstable atoms undergo radioactive decay, but it is also used more generally for discussing any type of exponential decay.


    Can't wait to hear it! :)