Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Knowledge may be power, but sharing it is more powerful

I saw a tweet about an infographic this morning that got me thinking.

Knowledge may be power, but sharing it is even more powerful

OK a play on words. But I like the sentiment.

Yesterday I openly blogged about my coaching sessions with JBP.

On the back of it someone contacted me to say they'd like an intro as he sounded right up their street.

Call it PR, or the power of social media, but a simple post shared with my network has added value to others instantly.

Inspired a few people to take action.

Encouraged a few more to reflect on their circumstances.

And potentially given my coach more business which adds value to him, and will pay back for me too no doubt in goodwill.

Contrast that to only me knowing what I've learnt from my coach. That knowledge alone isn't real power, but sharing that knowledge with others is powerful.

One to ponder.

What do you know that you can openly share with others?

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