Monday, 23 November 2015

I've fallen off the wagon

I've fallen off the blogging wagon.

I was determined to blog every day, and hence live up to the title of my blog: my thought of the day.

Over the weekend I took a well needed break.

Occasionally I need to check out. Leave social media alone for a while. It's sometimes best to wallow in my self pity / hangover alone, without the need to set the world straight or share my inner most thoughts.

I have no such excuses this morning, so I have forced myself to put pen to paper to see what pops out.

It's a strange thing writing your thoughts down as they fall out of your head.

You literally don't know what will come out.

But I find it's a good discipline to get into.

A friend of mine has taken to blogging his thoughts but not sharing them with the wider world. A digital diary rather than a blog perhaps. But the process of distilling thoughts and reflecting on them is no less powerful in spite of not having an audience.

And getting used to having an audience does lead to some odd behaviour.

It's very hard not to check the Google dashboard throughout the day to see how many hits the blog has had.

It can be disappointing even if the numbers are low for no apparent reason.

Strange thoughts manifest themselves inside my head. 'Why didn't they like it? Was it something I said?'.

But who are the 'they' I refer to? And does it matter if only a few people read my daily diatribe?

Of course the answer is no. The numbers are mere vanity. Microcasting is perfectly acceptable.

So, as I round off today's musings, I thank you for reading these words.

I've ticked off another day.

Same time, same place tomorrow? Oh go on then.

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