Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I'm off out on a first date tonight

I'm going on a date tonight. Not been on one for years. I'm hoping the conversation will flow and I don't make a complete arse out of myself.

Don't worry I'm not having an affair or anything sordid like that. The wife and I have decided to invest in our marriage. Sounds a bit clinical put like that but have you ever considered what a false economy it is not making an effort once a week to pay for a babysitter and to get yourselves out of the house.

Tonight we are doing nothing more crazy than going to a bar in Saltaire. Next week we are off for lunch at a vineyard in Holmfirth. The week after the cinema.

We will take it in turns to organise what it is each week. The budget to pay for the childcare (we don't have relatives nearby) is being justified on the basis that were we to split up the separation would be far more expensive. Not to mention the emotional cost and turmoil obviously.

Sound a bit extreme? Maybe. But think it through. How easy is it to forget why you got together in the first place? Back in the day when you were free and single. No responsibilities, no kids to tend to, no work getting in the way of going out. Didn't know we were born did we?

The other option is waiting until the kids have left home before we start going out with each other again. But what if we really have run out of things to say by then or simply grown apart? 

So there you have it. Wish me luck. If it doesn't go well tonight I may need one of you to join me for lunch next week.

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