Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Day six of 365

Ok I admit it I'm only six days in and I'm already finding it a challenge to blog a thought of the day every day.

It's not that I don't have lots of thoughts each day it is simply picking ones worth sharing that don't end up being really repetitive or desperately dull or both.

I was struck again today though how a new North/South divide is opening up but not based on geography or where you live but more those connected to the Web and those who aren't.

The digital divide is very real, and will hit some harder than others. It will mean large sections of society will be prevented from receiving the same standard of education (homework is going online), will find it harder to apply for jobs or benefits, harder to compare prices and save money, do their banking, and access local services - call centres are moving to self help websites.

On the positive side Newsnight also ran an interesting piece last night about energy in Africa with a focus on the Rift Valley in Kenya.

They are seeking to harness steam power but not from burning coal as we did during the industrial revolution but by tapping the steam from underneath the Valley itself.

They reckon seventy per cent of Kenya's power will come from Green or renewable sources in the next ten years. But more importantly its citizens will have reliable energy enabling them in their millions to join the digital revolution.

I think I read it in +Chrisbrogan's book (see my earlier blog) that one billion more people will be online by then. One billion more human minds sharing their thoughts and ideas and helping solve the problems of tomorrow. A staggering thought in itself. Just think what will be possible.

One billion more blogs like mine trying to vie for your attention.

Oh. It has its down sides too I guess.


  1. Are you suggesting that access to the interweb should be a universal statutory right?

    btw I woke up this morning to hear someone say on the radio "It is cooler in the North". Not sure if this was a comment about contemporary culture or it may have been the weather forecast).

    1. Both are correct! And yes I am saying it is a right. We are privileged.

  2. I agree entirely with the universal right. I remember reading somewhere (I should write these things down) that the world spends more on lipstick than it would cost to give everyone clean water. Providing universal internet access can't possibly cost more and the economic, health and social impact would be equally dramatic.