Friday, 1 March 2013


I haven't blogged today. And the problem now is that I'm tired and I've had a glass of wine. But I'm determined to blog every day for a year. So here's the deal. I need your help dear reader. Whoever you may be.

Amongst you there will be friends and acquaintances, plus the odd person who doesn't know me from Adam. But let me open up and tell you all something. I live for feedback and encouragement. So if you can leave a little comment below or an @ reply on twitter then that will be a jolly good fillip and will see me through tonight. I promise to invest more effort in tomorrow's post.


  1. Didn't realise you'd given yourself this challenge...did you see Mark Watson's when he did it? Hard going, best of luck!

    1. No. I'll look it up. Although maybe it'll put me off. Thanks for leaving a comment :)

  2. Sure you've seen this before but I love Rich Herring's blog. He's been doing it every day for nearly 10 years now. Always worth a read.