Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Expanding my horizons

Even with the time difference I can't really get away with claiming this is Monday's blog. But hey ho. It was a self-imposed rule and I'm over it already.

Yesterday was a good day for me, professionally speaking. I got the chance to attend a meeting with some cool people who do marketing around the globe. It always strikes me how much we have in common despite our vast cultural differences.

I've always enjoyed engaging internationally with people.

Before I left Direct Line ten or so years ago I got the chance to go to Italy and Germany with my then boss to suss out how we were going to launch in those two countries.

Then a few years back I went to Mexico City for a corporate affairs summit with Walmart, visited stores and went to a remote village producing small amounts of produce for the company. And more recently I've had the chance to visit the techie kids of San Francisco and now Orlando.

There's no doubt the chance to travel is fun at first. It is still a novelty and therefore the work is even more stimulating as a result.

But I also relish putting my thinking to the test to see whether my views on social media translate across borders and time zones.

So far so good.

The next twelve months however are going to be fascinating.

If I keep my eyes and ears open it could also teach me things I can barely even imagine today.

The pace of change is dramatic and the opportunity to do some really powerful and exciting things is tantalising.

I literally can't wait to get started.

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