Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Dom's dirty dozen for 2014

A bit late to the big predictions for 2014 party I grant you. But these twelve were compiled last week by colleagues at my agency IMP Media for a planning day we held.

They are a combination of 23 pages worth of blogs, articles and tweets that they've poured over in recent weeks and we've been collectively mulling since.

So we make no claims to be the originators of any of these trends, they simply stood out and resonated with us.

Some of them overlap, and each one probably deserves a fuller description or explanation. Tough! Make of them what you will. The 23 pages are avaliable on special request.

So, in no particular order Dom's dirty dozen are:

1. The resurgence of the advertorial
2. Employee advocacy is now key
3. Engaging content will still be rewarded
4. The age of advocacy is upon us
5. Pay to play (Facebook etc now charging brands for 'organic' reach)
6. Millennials will fuel even more video sharing
7. The death of the social media manager (slightly worrying that one)
8. Social organisations will be the real winners
9. Customers expect instant responses on social channels
10. Growth of gamification on social - including within the workplace
11. Key influencers / content creators can now monetise their position
12. Stronger interplay between social and TV

So there you have it.

Feel free to put me straight or add your own to the list.

You will have gathered by now the title of this blog is somewhat misleading given they're not really mine and they're not very dirty. There are a dozen though.

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