Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Things that don't work annoy me

In the past few days I've tried to see a GP, but failed to get an appointment. The phone is constantly engaged.

I've tried to use my credit card but been denied for entering the PIN I've always had. 

I've tried to retrieve a password for my Oyster card but the email never arrived.

And even tried to lodge a claim against a company that owes me money but got stuck when the postcode I submitted was spat back at me for not being in England or Wales. Err, Brighton is where exactly then?

As a result of all this inconvenience my temperature is rising.

My debt is rising too.

Where's the app for sorting all that crap?

Life was meant to be simpler thanks to all the mod cons we now have.

A secretary. A personal secretary. That's what I need. 

I can but dream.

In the meantime I have set my heart on reading Oliver Burkeman's latest offering The Antidote. Happiness for people who can't stand positive thinking.

So far so good. A full review to follow in due course.

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